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Our good friends at Restoration 1 Kitchener have spent a great deal of time dealing with mold caused by water damage AND the myths and misconceptions surrounding mould. Recently it occurred to them that they should collect some of the most repeated of their little nuggets of mouldy wisdom into an article of some kind, so that […]

This blog post was first published on the website of Restoration 1 Kitchener. We have modified it for our readers – we hope you find it useful. Water has damaged your home. And while that is in no way any fun at all, at least your homeowner’s insurance is going to cover the cost of […]

Are you thinking of updating or upgrading some of the plumbing fixtures in your home? If so, this guide from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is for you. This guide is intended to provide interested homeowners, licensed plumbers, and building contractors with an overview of fixtures, appliances and actions that can help homeowners conserve […]

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